Monday, April 17, 2017

the promise

as she lay there,
almost gone, she whispered
with a loving smile, sweetheart,
my dear,
please promise me this,
that when i'm gone
you'll find someone else
to love,
you are young and strong,
you have so much to give.
don't mourn too long
the loss of me.
she had forgotten our arguments,
our long winter
our differences about
everything in this world.
the anger and cross words
we shared.
the fever had apparently erased
all of that from her memory.
she took my hand and squeezed,
then closed her eyes.
okay, I whispered to her,
brushing her hair
away from her face. okay.
if you insist. I promise
i'll find someone else
when you're gone.
that was three weeks ago,
and she's ringing the bell now,
asking for hot tea.
what gives?