Tuesday, June 13, 2017

the lie detector

who are you,
they ask as I squirm
in the chair, a lie
detector band
wrapped tightly around my
arm. small cups on my fingers.
wires on the table.
I don't know,
I tell them.
they stare at the machine
as the needle vibrates.
sometimes I think I know
and then i'll do something
that totally
surprises me.
i'm a mystery, an enigma
even to myself.
the needle is even
against the paper.
he's telling the truth,
the man in the black suit
says. what else do you
want me to ask him?
he looks at the woman
behind him,
holding a frying pan
above my head.
ask him about Ginger,
she says, in fact let me
do the questioning
from here on.
she squints her eyes
and moves in closer.

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