Wednesday, April 5, 2017

we've changed

let's go hunting
she says, pulling on her
boots and
green camouflage
jumpsuit. I feel like
killing some
pheasant or ducks today.
maybe slap some plum
sauce on a slab of
greasy dark meat.
she blows the little
duck whistle
loudly into my ear.
do you have to do that??
I know a nice little
where we can hide,
and drink jack daniels,
she says,
make out
until we scare
the birds into the air
who are you, I ask her,
clipping my nails
at the end of the bed.
you're not the same girl
I married.
you've changed.
we need to pick up some
and some war paint,
she hollers,
grabbing her gun bag,
come on,
those duck are a waiting.
do we have any clear
polish, I yell, as she
heads down the stairs.

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