Thursday, April 6, 2017

the think tank

I get the call to join
a think tank.
to be a part of an elite corps
of brainiacs
who want to save the world.
i'm suspicious right
away and feel that they've
confused me with someone
else of the same name.
I don't know how they got my
since I don't have one.
yes, it's true
I do think
about a lot of things.
I ponder them quite often,
but not about very important
like pollution,
or education, nuclear war,
or waste or how to cure cancer,
I rarely think about
how to get to mars on a
shoe string budget,
or how to feed the hungry.
i'm hungry too.
my mind strays towards
simpler things, like
women's legs for example,
coffee. what's for dinner
tonight. lasagna?
I wonder where a comma should go,
maybe here, maybe not.
I think about how to get the lids
off of olive jars more easily.
I think best after a good nap,
or after two martinis
and my shoes are off.
i'm more talkative and thoughtful
after making love,
my ideas seem to flow,
but only for a short while, then
i'm sleepy. very sleepy.
and my thinking hours are over.

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