Saturday, April 1, 2017


I tell my friend jimmy
that i'm engaged to be married
in june.
she's the love of my
life, I tell him excitedly.
my soul mate, my one
and only,
the person I want to
ride off into the sunset
with. i take out my phone and show
him her picture.
I want you to be
my best man.
jimmy says, whoa.
whoa. yeah, she's gorgeous,
but just a minute pal.
are you sure about this?
yes I tell him.
yes. we both love one
another deeply.
we get along on so many levels.
we actually have real conversations,
like what we do.
he shakes his head
and taps the bar to have
the bartender bring us another
round of drinks. doubles, he
yells to pete behind the bar.
what's your favorite food,
jimmy asks me.
chicken, pasta...lobster
maybe? indian food?
ummm, ribeye, I tell him,
on the grille. I like
an angus ribeye steak, medium
rare, caramelized onions,
with garlic mashed
potatoes, corn on the cob,
maybe a small garden salad,
and a slice of blueberry
pie with a scoop of French
vanilla ice cream for
wow, okay, okay, he says.
that's wonderful. that sounds
the drinks come and we
clink our glasses together.
now, he says, sipping his
scotch, squinting as he's prone
to do when having an inebriated epiphany.
now imagine that you
have that same meal every
single night for the rest of
your life. forever, he says
waving his hand into the air
to indicate forever.
you love that dish, the gravy,
the meat and potatoes,
the grilled corn. imagine
that every night you have to
eat that same meal. just how
long can you go on before it
gets old and you stop
loving it and want something else?
how long?
hmmm, I say. I see what you mean.
so you're saying marriage is
like that? a steak dinner every night.
yup, he says. it's exactly like that.
but you're married. you've been
married for twenty years.
true, he says. true,
but we both eat out a lot.

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