Wednesday, April 5, 2017

jiffy hell

what you need are new shocks,
look at the way
she bounces when I push down
on the front end.
but I just bought this car.
I only have a few thousand
miles on it,
church going miles, at that.
yeah, they don't make
em like they used to.
plus the engine, hear that
you are about ready to throw
a rod.
once that happens,
you'll need a new engine.
you don't want to be stuck
out on the highway with a broken
down car, do you?
I mean you love your family, right?
it's just your luck though,
we've got a new deal
on engines today.
the sale ends in two hours.
if I was you, i'd go for it.
I don't know.
can you just change the oil?
that's all I really came in for.
I have a coupon.
okay. okay. I guess you don't
want clean filters either, right?
it's your car, your life.
have a seat in there, there's
two week old
coffee and greasy ten year
old magazines. we've got the tv
on as loud as it will go too,
so enjoy.

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