Monday, April 17, 2017

homeward bound

can I sing for you, she asks,
sipping her wine
in the darkened
corner of a cave like
bar at the edge of town.
I can see a motel
light flickering
through the window.
the neon sign flickering,
I have other thoughts
on my mind.
hello, she says, hello,
did you hear me,
can I sing you a song
i'm working on? my guitar
is is in the car, I can get
it if you want. umm, that's
okay, but sure,
sure, I tell her, go ahead
and sing. but
not too loud, we don't
won't to disturb the other
patrons around us. okay,
let's hear it.
so she leans over the table
taking my hand
and begins to sing.
everyday's an endless
dream of cigarettes and magazines.
wait a minute.
I stop her.
I know that song.
simon and garfunkle.
homeward bound.
each town looks the same to me,
I say out loud,
the movies and the factories,
every stranger's face is see reminds
me that I want to be,
homeward bound.
oh, she says.
I changed some of the lyrics
later in the song.

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