Wednesday, April 5, 2017

between the lines at coffee

it is what is.
(I have no idea what to say)
(which means maybe)
(a stronger maybe)
have you lost weight.
(I hate you)
we should get
together more often.
(but every six months is fine too)
we might go sailing this weekend
at the cape.
I hope it doesn't rain.
(boats are stupid)
you really look good
in that color.
(who wears purple anymore, clowns?)
your kids are so smart
getting into that school.
(they must be cheating)
when you tell me these things
about your life
I feel so bad for you
(thank god it's not me)
i'm glad that my husband has
a good job and I don't have
to work.
(too bad for you)
well, bye for now,
don't be a stranger.

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